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लोकसभा निवडणूक
Live Status: LOST
Age: 48 |Gender: Male | |

Amethi is a stronghold for Congress president Rahul Gandhi, who has been elected to Parliament from the seat since 2004. However, in 2014 BJP leader and Textile minister Smriti Irani gave him a tough contest and gathered over thee lakh votes in Amethi.

BJP has fielded Irani yet again in the hope that she will improve her performance from five years ago and snatch Amethi away from Gandhi. The Congress president is also contesting a second seat from Wayanad in Kerala, so his attention is divided between the seats, in addition to him being a star campaigner for the party all over the country.

Irani has capitalised on Gandhi's absence and has accused him of running away from a fight. For Gandhi, Amethi will be a fight for his pride this time around.

Rahul Gandhi, INC

Constituency Data
Party INC
Constituency Amethi
State Uttar Pradesh
Constituency Type General
Personal Details
Criminal Cases 6
Education Post Graduate
Total Assets Rs.15,88,77,063 (Rs 15.89 core)
Total Liabilities Rs.72,01,904 (Rs 72.02 lakh)

अमेठी लोकसभा निवडणूक निकाल

Party Votes Polled Votes % CANDIDATE NAME
BJP 468514 49.71% Smriti IraniWinner
INC 413394 43.86% Rahul Gandhi
IND 7816 0.83% Dhurv Lal
BMP 6183 0.66% Afajal Varis
IND 5616 0.60% Ram Sajiwan
IND 4301 0.46% Dinesh Kumar
Nota 3940 0.42% Nota
IND 3860 0.41% Bhagwandeen
IND 3177 0.34% Gopal Prasad
MNSP 3055 0.32% Ram Sidh Yadav
IND 2318 0.25% Lal Babu
IND 2085 0.22% Harun Rasheed
BHSKP 1948 0.21% Shiv Nandan Singh
MAP 1729 0.18% Prem Shankar
LGBP 1716 0.18% Shatrunjai Pratap Singh
IND 1580 0.17% Hemant Kumar
KMBS 1574 0.17% Gopal Swaroop Gandhi
IND 1224 0.13% Mo. Hasan Lahari
RSAD 1144 0.12% Ram Milan
ARSP 1057 0.11% Pankaj Ramkumar Sing
IND 1039 0.11% Vipin Yadav
CPI 988 0.10% Bas Deo Maurya
BPHP 958 0.10% Durgesh Singh
JP (S) 847 0.09% Nathu Ram
IND 779 0.08% Suresh Kumar Shukla
IND 569 0.06% Saritha S. Nair
IND 547 0.06% Dr. U.P. Shivananda
IND 495 0.05% Shiv Kumar

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