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लोकसभा निवडणूक
Live Status: LOST
Age: 29 |Gender: Male | |

Parth Pawar, son of former Maharashtra Deputy CM Ajit Power and grand nephew to NCP chief Sharad Pawar, is up for a tough fight in Maval, a seat held by Shiv Sena since 2009. NCP has been campaigning in the region heavily to tilt the balance in Pawar’s favour.

Shrirang Barne, the Shiv Sena candidate and incumbent MP from the seat has called Pawar an 'outsider' in his campaign, one who needs to be parceled off to Baramati. In last elections, the runner up on seat was Peasants and Workers Party (PWP), with 3.54 lakh votes, who have allied with NCP this time around. Pawar would be hoping NCP and PWP votes consolidate in his favour.

Parth Pawar, NCP

Constituency Data
Party NCP
Constituency Maval
State Maharashtra
Constituency Type General
Personal Details
Criminal Cases 0
Education Graduate
Total Assets Rs.20,12,39,333 (Rs 20.12 crore)
Total Liabilities Rs.9,36,13,295 (Rs 9.36 crore)

मावळ लोकसभा निवडणूक निकाल

Party Votes Polled Votes % CANDIDATE NAME
SHS 720663 52.65% Shrirang Appa Chandu BarneWinner
NCP 504750 36.87% Parth Ajit Pawar
VBA 75904 5.55% Rajaram Narayan Patil
NOTA 15779 1.15% Nota
BSP 10197 0.74% Adv. Kanade Sanjay Kisan
IND 6318 0.46% Prashant Alias Babaraje Ganpat Deshmukh
KKJHS 5242 0.38% Jagdish Alias Ayyappa Shamrao Sonawane
IND 3603 0.26% Balkrushna Dhanaji Gharat
IND 3225 0.24% Rakesh Prabhakar Chavan
IND 2802 0.20% Navnath Vishwanath Dudhal
BMP 2570 0.19% Pandharinath Namdeo Patil
APOI 2328 0.17% Jaya Sanjay Patil
BPSP 2243 0.16% Madan Shivaji Patil
IND 2093 0.15% Vijay Hanumant Randil
IND 1873 0.14% Suraj Ashokrao Khandare
BRSP 1755 0.13% Sunil Baban Gaikwad
IND 1696 0.12% Amruta Abhijit Apte
IND 1639 0.12% Rajendra Maruti Kate (Patil)
BNS(P) 1095 0.08% Prakash Bhivaji Mahadik
IND 1083 0.08% Suresh Shripati Taur
IND 1044 0.08% Ajay Hanumant Londhe
IND 970 0.07% Dr. Somnath Alias Balashaheb Arjun Pol

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