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लोकसभा निवडणूक
Live Status: LOST
Age: 71 |Gender: Male | |

A veteran of Madhya Pradesh politics Digivijaya Singh stirred controversy when he skipped voting in Rajgarh and instead chose to track Bhopal, where he was contesting as the Congress candidate. Singh is up against terror accused Pragya Thakur, who is contesting on a BJP ticket. The saffron aprty has won the Bhopal seat since 1989 and has banked on a mixture Hindutva and nationalism to win again. Congress, on the other, hand, buoyed by their win in Assembly polls in December, is banking on local issues like farmer distress and unemployment. Thakur has called the Bhopal contest a 'Dharma Yudh' (religious war), labeling Singh as anti-Hindu.

Singh has been sent to breach the BJP bastion in Bhopal, but with the elections taking a saffron colour, it remains to be seen if he can pose a formidable challenge to Thakur.

Digvijaya Singh, INC

Constituency Data
Party INC
Constituency Bhopal
State Madhya Pradesh
Constituency Type General
Personal Details
Criminal Cases 8
Education Graduate Professional
Total Assets Rs.3,8,,07,,2,7,,853 (Rs 38.07 crore)
Total Liabilities Rs.1,39,,7,2,,396 (Rs 1.4 crore)

भोपाळ लोकसभा निवडणूक निकाल

Party Votes Polled Votes % CANDIDATE NAME
BJP 866482 61.54% Sadhvi Pragya Singh ThakurWinner
INC 501660 35.63% Digvijaya Singh
BSP 11277 0.80% Madho Singh Ahirwar
Nota 5430 0.39% Nota
SPKP 3264 0.23% Dr. Veena Ghanekar Rtd. Ias
SUP 2819 0.20% Ramsushil Sharma E/X/C.R.P.F
SMVP 2688 0.19% Lata Suryawanshi
BMP 1439 0.10% Rajesh Keer
IND 1251 0.09% Deshmukh Riyazuddin Ghayasuddin
JAP 883 0.06% Raj Kumar Shakya (Kori)
APOI 856 0.06% Gautam Nagdavane
IND 854 0.06% Devendra Prakash Mishra
IND 852 0.06% Sunil Kumar Dodeja
SIP 844 0.06% Md. Iqbal Khan
HND 686 0.05% Kamlesh Dangi Thakur
SSRD 572 0.04% Ca Pramod Bhojwani
BPHP 538 0.04% Bhaurao Vithoba Fulzele
SWBI 527 0.04% Abdul Tahir Ansari (Bablu) Advocate Patrkar And Samajsewak
BSCP 497 0.04% Bal Ram Singh Tomar
IND 485 0.03% Mukesh Kumar Gupta
RTRP 484 0.03% Piyush Jain
SUCI 479 0.03% J.C. Barai
JLP 473 0.03% Prabha Bharti
IND 456 0.03% Praveen Singh Thakur(Praveena Thakur)
SRDP 418 0.03% Shrimati Hemlata Pathak
IND 365 0.03% Mahendra Kumar
IND 331 0.02% Moh. Ateek
IND 286 0.02% Kamlesh Namdev
IND 278 0.02% Priyanka Khare
IND 265 0.02% Mahendra -Katiyar
IND 215 0.02% Alok Kumar

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