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Live Status: LOST
Age: 49 |Gender: Male | |

Bharatiya Janata Party had decided to field K Surendran, one of the several Kerala general secretaries, as their candidate in the Pathanamthitta constituency, where the Sabarimala temple is located. Surendran, a leader known for his firebrand speeches, was a champion of the street agitations to deny entry for menstruating age women in Sabarimala, despite a Supreme Court order, which led to clashes and his arrest. For the party that has never won a Lok Sabha seat in Kerala, the fights to deny temple entry for women in Sabarimala was supposed to be, in the words of BJP Kerala president Sreedharan Pillai, "a golden chance" in the 2019 parliamentary contest in Kerala.

K Surendran, BJP

Constituency Data
Party BJP
Constituency Pathanamthitta
State Kerala
Constituency Type General
Personal Details
Criminal Cases 240
Education Graduate
Total Assets Rs.40,44,300 (Rs 40.44 lakh)
Total Liabilities Rs.13,08,799 (Rs 13.08 lakh)

पथनमथीट्टा लोकसभा निवडणूक निकाल

Party Votes Polled Votes % CANDIDATE NAME
INC 380927 37.11% Anto AntonyWinner
CPI(M) 336684 32.80% Veena George
BJP 297396 28.97% K Surendran
BSP 3814 0.37% Shibu Parakkadavan
NOTA 3352 0.33% Nota
IND 1809 0.18% Veena V
APOI 1355 0.13% Jose George
SUCI 622 0.06% Binu Baby
IND 594 0.06% Ratheesh Choorakodu

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