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Live Status: WON
Age: 37 |Gender: Male | |

Gautam Gambhir is starting his political innings from East Delhi Lok Sabha seat on a BJP ticket, but he faces a difficult wicket. Up against him are AAP's popular candidate Atishi, who is credited with the revamp of Delhi government schools, and Congress' Arvinder Singh Lovely, an experienced Legislator with grasp of local issues and strong support base.

Gambhir's start has been shaky; he has faced multiple attacks from Atishi and has been pulled up for allegedly holding two voter IDs. He also declined Atishi's open challenge to debate on issues, saying he did not believe in 'debate and dharna'. But being a local, and a popular former cricketer who has often voiced his political opinions, Gambhir is a strong contender for East Delhi.

He has promised to turn the constituency, one of the least developed in the national capital, into an ideal one and he has also benefited from BJP's nationalism pitch.

Gautam Gambhir, BJP

Constituency Data
Party BJP
Constituency East Delhi
State Delhi
Constituency Type General
Personal Details
Criminal Cases 1
Education Higher Secondary
Total Assets Rs.1,47,15,87,789 (Rs 147.16 crore)
Total Liabilities Rs.34,20,35,860 (Rs 34.20 crore)

पूर्व दिल्ली लोकसभा निवडणूक निकाल

Party Votes Polled Votes % CANDIDATE NAME
BJP 696156 55.35% Gautam GambhirWinner
INC 304934 24.24% Arvinder Singh Lovely
AAAP 219328 17.44% Atishi
BSP 19090 1.52% Sanjay Kumar
Nota 4920 0.39% Nota
AKAP 1282 0.10% Ajay Chaudhary
MKVP 1239 0.10% Satish Kumar Prajapati
NAPP 1044 0.08% Surender Gupta
UPGP 943 0.07% Mukesh Jadly
JPJD 937 0.07% Hitesh Kumar
NRMP 699 0.06% Hafiz Burhanuddin
IND 678 0.05% Harbalwinder Singh
IND 650 0.05% Ashok Surana
PPI(D) 643 0.05% Dr. Krishan Singh Chauhan
RNMP 634 0.05% Manjeet Singh
IND 586 0.05% Raj Kumar Dhingiya
BINP 512 0.04% Amanullah Ahmed
RPI(A) 503 0.04% Manju Chhibber
IND 496 0.04% Manoj Kumar Gupta
IND 408 0.03% Shiv Kumar
STBP 352 0.03% Mohan Lal Sharma
IND 328 0.03% Ravi Kumar
PPOI 323 0.03% Deepti Nadella
IND 318 0.03% Rahimuddin Shah
BKP 289 0.02% Anupam Tripathi
CHP 274 0.02% D. Durga Prasad
PRISM 255 0.02% Neeru Mongia

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