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लोकसभा निवडणूक
Live Status: LOST
Age: 59 |Gender: Male | |

Amid the buzz around Kanhaiya Kumar and the controversial remarks of Giriraj Singh, the Gathbandhan candidate in Begusarai, Tanvir Hassan, is often ignored. But Hassan’s introduction has made Begusarai and triangular contest and a ‘hot seat’ this election.

Despite a Modi wave in 2014, Hassan came in second in Begusarai and had a vote share of 34.31 per cent; BJP’s winning candidate Bhola Singh had a marginally higher vote share of 35.72 per cent. Additionally, Bhumihaar votes splitting between Kanhaiya and Giriraj could hand Hassan the advantage.

Tanweer Hassan, RJD

Constituency Data
Party RJD
Constituency Begusarai
State Bihar
Constituency Type General
Personal Details
Criminal Cases 1
Education Doctorate
Total Assets Rs.1,54,83,136 (Rs 1.55 crore)
Total Liabilities Rs.14,46,000 (Rs 14.46 lakh)

बेगूसराय लोकसभा निवडणूक निकाल

Party Votes Polled Votes % CANDIDATE NAME
BJP 692193 56.48% Giriraj SinghWinner
CPI 269976 22.03% Kanhaiya Kumar
RJD 198233 16.17% Mo. Tanweer Hassan
NOTA 20445 1.67% Nota
IND 18638 1.52% Saurabh
IND 10019 0.82% Shambhu Kumar Singh
IND 4278 0.35% Dhiraj Narain
SSD 4172 0.34% Umesh Patel
BMP 3194 0.26% Maksudan Paswan
IND 2560 0.21% Amar Kumar
BLRP 1886 0.15% Gaurav Kumar

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