About Us

News18 Lokmat is a Joint Venture between Network 18 and Lokmat Media Ltd.

with cutting edge content that is projected in the most unbiased & influential manner. The channel has been spearheading a lot many news initiatives to reflect upon the “true spirit” of Maharashtrian people, organisations.

It has led from the front when it comes to reporting every news piece that has deserved importance & impact on the output & welfare of the “State of Maharashtra”. The channel is also constantly seeking opportunities & partnerships that will go a long way to define the prowess of the various facets that will place Maharashtra at the focal point of attention & attraction.

Some of the popular programs on News18 Lokmat are Salaam Maharashtra, Maharashtranama, Prime Time @9, Aajcha Sawaal, Reportage, Show Time, Sports Time ETC. Some of the major annual programs we do include Railway and Union Budget, Pilgrimage to Phandarapur – Vari, 10 Days of  Ganeshotsav, Diwali ETC.

News18 Lokmat has won over 95 state and national awards in the past 6 years for its news and program presentations.

सुपरहिट बॉक्स